Best laid plans…

Morndas, 25th of Last Seed, 4E

I am roused from my sleep by a loud noise, I sit up and I am greeted by a slew of people standing in my room. That is one thing I am definitely not going to miss about this place,  no door for privacy. You would think as much money as I have spent here Thoring would have installed a door by now. I digress, I am glad I got woken up early, even if it was by a bunch of strangers watching me sleep. This is the last morning I will have to wake up at the Windpeak Inn. I am excited and nervous and I have to do some shopping before I leave, but once I am done I can leave and never look back.

Is watching me sleep the new past time in Dawnstar?

For now though it is breakfast time; lets go see what is on the menu today, well the menu I can afford in any case. Bellying up to the bar I notice a new cooking pit in the back, when the hell did that get there? Thoring must have put it in while I slept, I didn’t think I was such a heavy sleeper, then again I did just wake up to a party in my room that I had slept through. Well it is good to see Thoring updating the place, though I would have opted for some doors but hey it’s his establishment, and besides I have no intentions of sleeping here again anyway.

So let me get this straight. You managed to renovate, and install a new cooking pit over night, like a culanary ninja, but installing a door is too complicated? *Face Palm*

Thoring steps away from his new pit and I place my order, nothing like a steady diet of over priced apples and water. He serves me the apples and a bottle of water; I make my way back into my room; hopefully I will be able to eat my breakfast in peace. As I eat I dig through my bags checking and re-checking to make sure I have everything I need before I go to Rustliefs’ and sell everything I don’t need.

After finishing my breakfast I grab my bag, and head out, the next time I come here will be to gear up and get some provisions before I leave. Stepping onto the porch of the Inn I look around, it looks like it will be the perfect day for travel; the nine are smiling on me for sure. Abelone rushes up to me to try to make some small talk, I shouldn’t still be mad and for the most part I’m not, I just don’t want to talk with her right now. I give her a stern look and head down the road to Rustliefs’ shop. I doubt she will even care that I am leaving. Though she has kind of been stalking me, and she was ogling me yesterday while I chopped wood. Nah, best not to think of such things now, I have plans and by the nine I am going to leave this town today.

I head up to Rustliefs’ shop and I can see he is working on an order for another customer, so I go see if maybe Seren feels up to haggling with me.

Business is booming for Rustlief. Now he has two customers!

Seren seems in good spirits today as she proudly tells me of Rustliefs’ metal shaping skills. I nod and pull out the items I wish to sell. She looks them over and notes their condition and makes an offer. Like I have a choice; I know better by now than to try to negotiate a price with these two. I remember that I have some raw iron ore and show it to her, hoping I won’t have to go to Beitild to sell them. Unfortunately she tells me they only deal in refined ore, perfect, guess it is off to the Iron-Breaker Mine.

I put the coin I just made into my pouch and bid Seren and Rustlief farewell. They thank me for my patronage over the past week and wish me well on my journey. I was hoping to avoid Beitild but I suppose if I want to make some coin off of this ore I have no choice. I suppose I don’t really mind, it is just the last time I spoke with her she was acting rather… creepy; hopefully by now she is back to normal.

As I make my way to see Beitild at the Iron-Breaker Mine, I am stopped on the path by an old woman. She tells me her name is Brina and her companion at her side is Horik. They make a cute couple, sort of; she continues by apologizing that I over heard her and Jarl arguing. It has to suck to get that old, that happened days ago. She goes on to explain that she used to be in the Imperial Army and something about a civil war. To be honest I wasn’t even paying attention, I just didn’t want to be rude and just walk away from her so I stood there nodding my head.

Aside from Horik I don’t think anyone else talks to her; kind of sad really. I nod and politely make an excuse to leave, as I could tell she was about to tell me her whole life story and I really didn’t want to know the torrid details of her and Horiks sex life. Just the thought makes me want to lose my breakfast, and I will be damned if I don’t keep those expensive apples right where they are, in my tummy.

AHH TMI! *covers ears* Lalalala; I can’t hear you!

I continue down the path making my way past the Mortar and Pestle and up to the Iron-Breaker Mine. Beitild is by the smelter as per usual. Barking orders and belittling her employees; seems like things are finally back to normal. She turns around and before I can tell her I am here to sell some ore she starts acting weird again. Normally I wouldn’t mind this weird form of flirting, but there are just a few things wrong: one she is married, two she is a horrible boss, and three she is ugly as sin. Of course I just laugh awkwardly and show her the ore I have; she looks it over and pays me and I politely leave. I can hear her yelling at the workers as I walk away; I am glad I won’t be seeing her again.

Aside from being a horrible boss your personal hygene is atrocious! Take a bath!

Continuing down the road I had one final stop to make, the Windpeak Inn; I stop for a moment and notice two new patrons having a good old time on the porch. I nod to them as I walk into the inn; I wonder why they are outside and not inside, did Thoring have to kick them out?

You seem happy to have been kicked out of the bar…wait is Karita singing again?

Eh, not my problem, I am just going to change into my gear and hit the trail. I step inside and stomp the snow from my shoes. The place is not too busy so I should be able to get in and out without incident.

I walk over to Karita and tell her I am leaving town, I could see from the expression on her face that she wanted to go with me and would miss me, I tell her to keep practicing, maybe one day she will make it to the Bard College; the divines know she needs someone to teach her properly. I belly up to the bar, for what will be the last time, and thank Thoring for all he has done, even if it did cost me an arm and a leg. I tell him I need a few supplies for the road and he nods.

Good bye my tone deaf friend. Your singing was horrible but you were easy on the eyes.

After spending a good bit of the money I earned today on a few supplies, and I do mean a few, I head to my room to change into my gear. I make my way to the door of the Inn and wave good bye to everyone there. Thoring waves and tells me to come back soon; I nod and as I walk out Karita starts to play Ragnar the Red as I leave. I stand on the porch a moment, and look over to see Abelone, hard at work as usual; I decided I should tell her I am leaving. I make my way over to her and I apologize for my attitude towards her and she apologizes for her little prank. I tell her I am leaving and she seems sad but understands. She wishes me well and I make my way out of town.

Be well Abelone you sneaky trickster you.

I make my way down the road heading out of town. I stop and look back; it has been over a week since I first arrived in town, I never intended to stay as long as I did, though I am kind of glad I did. If I hadn’t I would never have learned what I have; over all Dawnstar isn’t a horrible place to stay, just a bad one.

How do I say good-bye….Wait, it’s easy; watch. Good-bye Dawnstar! See, easy.

Continuing down the path I finally come to an intersection; time to choose my path, literally. I have two choices, head West or head South. To the West is that city that I found; which apparently hates me for no reason. To the South, I really don’t know what is to the south, though I am betting it will be warmer than it is here. Well seeing as how the west holds a city that hates me and surely wants me dead I will head South.

Choose your path! Spell Sword Chaotic Nutral…What? Oh…you meant choose a direction.

I walk along the Southern path for a while, nothing special going on, though the weather is getting bad. It’s a good thing that I have my camping equipment because if this keeps up I will have to set up camp to ride out this weather. After walking a while I can see a giant camp. Well at least I sort of know where I am. I think those are the one who helped me the other day, but I am not going near them to find out. I know for a fact Giants and Mammoths don’t like my kind; you know, small and squish able.

The weather is being erratic; I am just thankful it hasn’t turned into a full blown blizzard. After walking for an hour or so I start to feel a bit edgy. It feels like something is watching me; I am starting to think I made a bad call going South. I draw my sword and ready myself for whatever might happen. As I continue to walk down the path the bushes rustle and I hear the howl of wolves break through the noise of the harsh winds. Wolves, great just what I need right now; I can only hope it is not a pack like last time.

The rustling in the bushes get more frequent and I can hear them getting closer. One lunges at me and I make quick work of it; I see another charging and I quickly side step and bash its head in; two down, who knows how many more there are. I cautiously look around; I can hear them circling me. I just don’t know how many.  One jumps at me from behind catching me off guard; I turn quickly and with one blow take it down.

Do you suffer from Wolfe attacks? Have you or someone you know ever been eatten by a wolf? Do wolves keep you from having a normal social life? If you answered yes to any of these questions call me, Zander, I’ll fight for you, and make sure they get whats coming to them. Send a curior now for a free consultation.

I don’t know exactally where the rest of them are but I can feel their eyes on me. I ready my shield and sword as I see one charging at me from out of the bushes. I let lose with a barrage of hits, ending its life quickly. There is no time to get ready as another one attacks, sinking its teeth into my flesh. I react quickly, just not quick enough to avoid the attack. The wolf stares me down as it circles; lunging at me I swing with a wild precision impaling it upon my sword.

Standing there catching my breath I can feel my heart pounding; I look at the wolves; they seemed easier to deal with for some reason. To the victor goes the spoils as I remove their pelts and continue down the road. I don’t get more than thirty yards when I am being hit in the face with some sort of goop.

My eyes they burn!…Whoa psychadelic man….

What the hell is this about? I look around and I don’t see any thing; then I look down the road and I see two frost spiders. What? A pack of freaking wolves wasn’t enough? Come on Skyrim gimmie a damn break!

The frost spiders are nothing more than a minor annoyance seeing as soon as they skittered up to me I was able to make two spider kabobs rather quickly.

Heads I win tails you lose!

The only thing those spiders managed to do was briefly make me forget how cold I was feeling. Now that the spiders were dealt with I remember just how cold I am and I am thanking the nine I decided to wear my cloths under my armor. Who knows what body parts would be frozen to my armor had I not. Shivering down the path I notice a fire blazing in the not so distance; I hope it is not another giant camp because I am in dire need of some heat.

Hmmm abandoned ruins, abandoned fire, no signs of life around, nope nothing could possibly go wrong here…right?

Cautiously I approach the fire, I notice it is in front of some ruins, I am not sure whether anyone is in them or not but I don’t see anyone around the fire so I am just going to stop here briefly and get warmed up. I begin warming my hands by the fire when I feel a stinging bite. I look down and there is an arrow sticking out of my armor. Oh come on! Really? Now you’re just playing dirty Skyrim!

Arrows begin to fly all around me as I hide behind the large bon fire. Gathering my composure I try to make my escape into the trees while hidden by the flames. My simple vanishing act doesn’t fool the bandits. They aren’t kidding around; one of them maneuvers around me as the other one tries to pepper me full of arrows. All thoughts of escape quickly leave my mind as one of the bandits rush me. I scramble for my sword and shield, I can only thank the nine that it is just one bandit.

I hide behind my shield as the bandit swings at me; I rush at him while he backs up a bit and cut him down just in time for a second bandit to come running at me. As she rushes up to me I plug her full of arrows; to my surprise she stops a few feet away from me. Her hesitation is the perfect opportunity for me to mow her down.

Apparently I am great at hide and seek. Either that or she has gone snow blind. Either way free target practice.

I have little time to rest as the third bandit decides to continue his ranged assault. Grabbing my bow from my back I am able to duck in and out of his sight by hiding behind a tree. I manage to drop him with a few well timed and well placed arrows.

I check the bodies, which I seemed to have felled in roughly the same area, for items I could potentially use. Once I finish collecting my spoils I make my way back to the fire to warm up. It is hard to tell what time it is with this little snow storm going on, but I figure I only have a few hours before it becomes dark, where ever I am going I need to get there fast. I munch on a carrot and drink some water before heading back to the path I was on earlier.

Ahhh nothing builds a thirst like fending off a bandit attack.

I walk down the road for a little bit and I see it; a fort, salvation is at hand. I imagine a warm place to sleep and a bed, this will be perfect, I just hope they will let me in.

How about that, they even left the gate open for me.

I hurry to the open gate and I can see someone rushing to greet me. I stand there ready to shake his hand and ask if I could stay the night when I see him drawing a large hammer. Why is he drawing a large hammer? Is he swinging the large hammer at me? I look behind me to see if maybe he was protecting me from a wild animal but nothing is behind me…which means he is trying to kill me……AH, he is trying to kill me!!!

I quickly back peddle and try to run away; I notice arrows hitting the ground at my feet as I run. The large man catches up to me, damn heavy armor, I fumble with my shield getting it up just in time to stop his hammer from caving my skull in. I draw my blade and lunge at him killing him swiftly. I notice more were behind him and in pursuit of me; I can feel arrows flying by my head as a large woman now tries to turn me into ground meat with her rather large hammer. What is it with these people and large hammers, are they building houses for giants? Luckily I am able to pierce her heart with my sword long before she swings. I notice two more chasing after me as I make my way around the fort.

Take a deep breath you’re going to feel a small prick. Medieval heart surgery has a 100% chance of death.

They catch up to me and like their friends before them meet the same fate. Even though one of the marauders is continuing to fire at me from a distance I ignore him and run the hell away. I know a trap when one is screaming it’s a trap; and if I go charging in there more marauders will come out and try to kill me.

Thats right you keep firing those arrows, my shield can take it!

I high tail it to the other side of the fort and down the road far away from the fort and what I am hoping is a safe distance. I stop and try to catch my breath, however Skyrim has other plans as two frost spiders attack me shooting poison into my face. Like two forts of bandits and marauders wasn’t enough now spiders. Luckily they are tiny and easy to kill; after doing so I am now allowed to continue down the path.

Walking down the path I feel the temperature dropping as the sun fades and turns to dusk; an hour or so more and the sun will be completely gone. I had hoped to find a small village or something to spend the night at but I guess it is true what they say. The best laid plans never get you laid the best way. I notice a few mine-able spots along the road and stop long enough to dig up some ore from them before continuing on the path.

I continue to walk the path I am on for another hour, keeping company with passing by Apothecaries and such. I even met a rather rude Redguard who called me a milk drinker in passing; I still don’t know why people have issues with dairy in this land, maybe everyone is lactose intolerant. Not too far off in the distance I can see a fork in the road; it is too dark to continue traveling so I might as well set up camp. I can decide which route to take in the morning; with any luck tomorrow will be less eventful than today.

Can’t sleep Skyrim will eat me…

Good night Skyrim, you did your best but it still wasn’t enough, tomorrow I continue on to my future, whatever that may be.

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41 Responses to Best laid plans…

  1. “What is it with these people and large hammers, are they building houses for giants?”

    This and the preceding paragraph about all the large hammers cracked me up.

    “I guess it is true what they say. The best laid plans never get you laid the best way.”

    I’m starting to think Zander is the only one who says this.

  2. calumtravler says:

    What IS with the bandits anyways? Seems like they’re always lying in wait around every corner.

  3. pssst….I see you finished Erica’s trilogy.

    Wanna hear a secret?

  4. I figured you would be excited about that. The whole entire thing is based on a kind of many-worlds Skyrim theory. I’m not sure what form it will take but I have enough written so far that there will be at least some spin-off shorts, if not a whole novel.

  5. Yes, but I was being humorous by using the word “slash” to emphasize the silly.

  6. lo zin says:

    I was going to complain about no update, because my reader didn’t show me this until today! It’s a week behind for some reason. Anyway, hurrah: an update. And good on Zander for finally leaving Dawnstar behind. Too back Skyrim hates him so.

  7. kitdoctor says:

    I’d like to know what it is people have against dairy as well. That’s completely lost on me. Echoing everyone else, congrats on GTFO-ing from Dawnstar. I’m ready for some colors. White’s so…white.

  8. This poor guy is a wolf magnet.

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