Giants, Mammoths, and Bandits oh my…

I love the support you all have been giving the blog so far. Knowing you all are reading helps motivate me. Thank you so much all, keep the comments coming. Remember to follow, comment, like or all three. Thanks again all.

Enjoy the latest entry: Turdas, 21st Last Seed, 4th Era




14 thoughts on “Giants, Mammoths, and Bandits oh my…

  1. I didn’t get enough sleep last night so I was really happy to have something fun to read upon waking up. Thank you Zander. I love the whole Skyrim-trying-to-kill him theme.

    1. I have been toying with that idea for a while now honestly. There are different ways I could do it I just don’t know which way I like best. =) Thank you for the comments and the feedback much appriciated.

      1. Thank you, it took me some time to get it to work that way, thankfully user error in this case wasn’t too bad lol. Thanks for adding me to your list =)

  2. Surest way of surviving Skyrim? Disguise yourself as a giant and have a mammoth follow you around. Seriously, I’ve found them to be tougher than the giants. Also, Thoring’s probably so sleep deprived from the nightmares that he probably doesn’t even recognize Zander.

    P.S. I saw that suggestion about the “read More” break and adopted it myself. Good idea, elspeth.

    1. You’re probably right about Thoring, I should take it easy on him, I should but I probably won’t. =D

      I concure I actually like the layout a lot more than what it was. Three cheers for great ideas!

  3. If theres one thing for protetction thats better than being disguised as a giant with a mammoth following you,its being disguised as a giant with LOTS of mammoths following you XD

    PS:like that things are getting better for zander,for some reason skyrim seems to realy like kadraan for some reason…only attempted murder by a frost troll….

    1. Zander seems to adjusting to life in Skyrim for the most part. =) It all just takes time to adjust to a new land, it is a giant learning curve…pun intended lol

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