Would you like a door with that?

Tirdas, 19th of Last Seed, 4E

Once again I awake, awake being a relative term since I didn’t get any sleep, because, SOMEONE didn’t stop singing last night. Two songs Karita! Really? You only know two songs?!? And you just HAD to sing them all night long?

It seems everyone stayed here last night, and no one is in a rush to leave just yet. Well that’s good for me, I am sure the foreman at the mine would love to hire a hard worker like me.

I leave Windpeak Inn and am greeted by Skyrim with a blast of cold air. I make my way down the street to the smelter I stumbled upon last night. Every passing guard tells me about how they hate the Imperials. I’m not sure what I did to them personally so I will assume they mean someone else.

I make it to the smelter, and find a single woman shoveling coal into the smelter. I guess the rest of the workers are hung over or still drinking as the case may be. I ask her who is in charge, she tells me the Jarl, and then she proceeds to rant about the man. Not the information I was looking for but good to know, I guess.

Meet Beitild, she runs the mine. She so nice….if you like being insulted on an hourly basis.

I try again and ask her what she does in Dawnstar. She replies by saying her name is Beitild and she is the owner of the Iron-Breaker Mine. Excellent, just the man…er woman…erm person I was looking for. Before I could ask her for a job, she tells me her mine makes twice as much as those horkers at the Quicksilver Mine. Really, that is good news…wait…there is another mine? And apparently being a horker is bad, well they seemed nice to me, but what do I know.

I am again about to ask her for work when she insults her employees, something about being as dumb as rocks are grey. I can’t say I have heard that insult before. I am starting to second guess working for her if she treats her employees this way. I am about to leave when she tells me if I need some extra coin I can mine for her and she will pay me for the ore I give her. Well I think I got the job, I don’t recall asking for the job, but beggars can’t be choosers.

I walk into the mine, and I realize I don’t have a pickax. Great and I don’t have two coins to rub together to buy one either. I do notice a few pickaxes just lying around. I wonder if maybe one of my new co-workers would mind if I borrowed one. I also notice a bed roll, I wonder who sleeps here, I bet it is Beitild; she seems the type that is a workaholic.

I meet my new co-workers, they seem nice, and not dumb at all, they seem like they are enthusiastic, or as enthusiastic as one can be about mining ore. I start right away, even though I am dead tired and my stomach feels like something is clawing its way out, I push on.

Whistle while you work!

The day goes by kind of quickly it’s about mid day now; my stomach is telling me if I don’t eat now I won’t be living much longer. All I have is some raw salmon. Oh well, down the hatch.

No sooner do I eat my raw salmon do I throw it back up. I wash the vomit taste from my mouth with a few swigs of water. If I can’t get a proper meal, decent ale, and a bed to sleep in soon I fear for the worst. I tough it out and head back to work. I find some ore, as well as some gems! Things might be looking up. I only hope I can find more to afford a bed.

I finish mining not too long after my failed attempt at lunch. I leave the pickax where I found it on the ground but my new co-worker returns it to me. I try to explain to her that my work there was over for the day, but every time I put the pickax down she hands it to me. She is a sweetie, she really is, but I was just borrowing it. I take the pickax from her a third time, but this time I have a plan. I wait until she gets far enough away and then I put the pickax in a near by barrel and walk away.

I get to the entrance of the mine and I can hear the wind howling on the other side of the door. Super, I just hope Beitild doesn’t try to give me a raw deal on this ore and these gems; does she even want the gems? Who knows, time to get paid and find out.

I go to the smelter and look for her and there she is yelling at her employees again. I am not sure I want to work for this woman anymore, but I need the money. Wait, she said there was another mine in town. Maybe I can get a job there; then I won’t have to deal with this shrew.

Excuse me. I’d like to get paid now.

I give Beitild the eighteen ore I dug up; she wasn’t interested in the gems. In return I received 126 gold. Excellent, granted that is only seven gold a piece, but still it is enough to get me a room and possibly some food and drink. Who knows; I might even have some left over. Things are starting to look up indeed, and I haven’t even sold my gems yet.

It is still early yet I think I will wander around town and see what else there is in this town. I walk a bit and see an alchemists shop, I decide to stop in and see if maybe I can get some coin for the berries I have been picking from the bushes around the Inn. I chat with the nice old woman for a while; she mentions something about a ring. I politely decline and she snaps at me. I swear, the towns’ folk here are so rude, I don’t need this abuse, and I only stopped in to see if she wanted these dang berries.

I show her the snowberries and she offers to take them off my hands for a bargain price of free. You have got to be kidding me; you want me to just give them to you? No, I will hold my berries thank you very much! I head back outside and look around and realize this is where I came into town from. Not a very big place is it?

I head over to the dock area to see what is going on; the passing guards make small talk. Rather they speak at me and keep walking by. Oh look the other mine that Beitild mentioned. Not a bad location right next to the dock. It is starting to get darker, so I head back towards the Inn. I have a nice chat with a female guard on the way back to the Inn. Boy does she hate the Imperial Legion. I can’t say that I blame her; I don’t care too much for them either. I still don’t fully understand how they could let the Thalmor take over.

I walk into the little fenced in area next to the Inn, and take a small break, really soak in this atmosphere. Ok there is no atmosphere here there is just snow, rocks, water and more snow. But at least tonight I will have a hot meal, cold ale and a warm place to sleep.

Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the ….erm….snow?

It is starting to get colder, time to head to the Inn, before my arms freeze to this fence or something, I wouldn’t put that past Skyrims’ bag of tricks. Ways to kill Zander number twenty-eight, freeze arms to wooden fence. Clever Skyrim but not today.

I head into the Inn, and people are gathering around Karita as she plays the drums. I have to give it to her she bangs a mean hide skin drum. I walk up to the bar; a miner is in my way complaining about her nightmares. Lady you want to hear about a nightmare? Try living in my shoes for the past few days. You’ll get no sympathy or drinks from me, well not until you wash your face, then we will talk.

I step to the bar and chat with Thoring for a few minuets and I find out Karita is his daughter! No wonder she still has a job. We talk a little more, and apparently Karitas’ voice is just like her mothers. Oh Thoring you poor soul, I am so sorry. I tell Thoring I need a bed for the night and hand over thirty-five gold to him. He shows me to my room.

I look around the room, not too shabby but one question…where is the door? I pay you thirty-five gold and I get a room with no door? It’s better than the storage closet but still, I would expect a little bit of privacy.

This is my room, there are other rooms like it but this is one is mine… Imaginary door and all!

Other than the non-existent door, I am extremely happy. It is time for dinner. I speak with Thoring again this time about some food and drink. He shows me a menu, I had forgotten how expensive his establishment is, I purchase a leg of goat a carrot and two ales. I only have fourty gold left after buying dinner. At least I know I can afford to rent the room for another night.

I head back to my room to eat and drink. I walk into the room and there is a female Dunmer sitting at my table. Thoring didn’t mention this room was full service. However nice she seems. I am uncertain I can’t afford whatever services she has, so I speak to her.

How YOU doin’?

Turns out she is just a commoner. Well color me embarrassed, I am glad she couldn’t hear my thoughts. I politely ask her to vacate my room so I can eat and drink in peace. She leaves but only after I give her a polite nudge so I could sit down.

I eat my food, and drink my ale. I am still hungry but at least I am no longer starving. The ale seems to be kicking in, I am feeling pretty good. I hear Karita striking up her lute. I might as well enjoy myself a little; besides it is still relatively early in the night. Socializing couldn’t hurt too much, after all I might be here for a while.

I walk out of my room, and close the imaginary door behind me. The bar seems lively and everyone appears to be enjoying Karitas’ performance. I must admit I have never quite seen a show like hers.

Play that funky lute nord girl!

I watch her performance of “The Dragonborn Comes”. I listen to the lyrics a bit closer and it hits me. That is what these people need, a legendary hero or some brave, but stupid, adventurer. Maybe they can help the townsfolk with their nightmares. I hope he gets here soon, for their sake.

I walk around the room and socialize a bit before bellying up to the bar. Thoring gives me the evil eye as I pull out a bottle of water. What? I am on a budget you bastard! Maybe if your prices were more economical I would buy some alcohol.

What? Don’t give me that look Thoring!

He reminds me of those greedy Altmer back in Cyrodiil who kept compounding the interest on my bills until I was forced to work in the civilians arena to pay them back. Thinking about this makes me want a drink even more. I should probably head to my room and calm down before I get thrown into prison for assault.

I open the imaginary door to my room, and go in. I walk over to my little dining table and relax a bit reading a book. I can hear the bar area starting to quiet down a bit. At least they aren’t planning another all nighter and I can finally get a good nights sleep. Speaking of which I think it is time I got some sleep.

I get into the deceptively soft bed and shut my eyes. Finally I can get some real sleep…or not. Damn it Karita shut up! As I lay in bed waiting for Karita to finish up her bongo session, my mind wanders to the events of the past few days which have led me here. I have to wonder what is in store for me tomorrow, it has to be better than today. Maybe tomorrow I can see more of the town, maybe talk to some more people and make some friends.

A nice soft bed, finally sleepy time for Zander.

Karita finally shut up she must have gotten the hint when everyone finally left. Well except that odd fellow in the robes, he just seems to stand there all day. I wonder what his story is. I might just ask him tomorrow before work.

I look out the hole where my door should be and I can see Thoring.

Good night Thoring, maybe tomorrow you can install some doors!

{I am learning wordpress pretty well but there is still a lot to learn. I want to thank everyone for reading. Any and all likes, comments or follows are appriciated.} 


18 thoughts on “Would you like a door with that?

  1. Door dilemmas, pickaxe problems, Karita concerns. It seems Dawnstar’s main export is stress. For Zander’s sake, I’m hoping he has mud-free women and cheaper booze in his future.

    1. You have to admit he is taking it all in stride. LOL
      As for his future, I can’t comment directly but lets just say his luck could be changing.

  2. lo zin

    This is such a fun thing to do, the way you’ve been playing. I tried it today and failed immediately: it’s too easy to be a hero! I’ll try again tomorrow and turn down every quest… if I can!

  3. Funny stuff, this makes me want to travel to Dawnstar to hear just how bad Karita is. My favourite line was “As I lay in bed waiting for Karita to finish up her bongo session, my mind wanders to the events of the past few days which have led me here.” The bongo session bit cracks me up, not sure why.

  4. Noxx

    I’m surprised Zander is having such a problem with raw salmon. Fresh salmon sashimi is lovely! Then again maybe that sort of fancy akaviri food doesn’t sit well with good Cyrodillic tastes.

    1. Or it might just be because it is plain old right out the water raw fish. While yes, to some Sashimi is lovely, if prepared properly, there is always the chance of getting sick from raw foods. Unless you are a werewolf then not so much. But in Zanders’ case, raw fish is just nasty. As he would gladly tell you,” Raw? What the hell would you eat raw fish for if you could avoid it? Food should be cooked. By the greatest invention ever, fire!”

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