Would you like a door with that?

I am learning WordPress pretty well but, there is still a lot to learn. I want to thank everyone for reading. Any and all likes, comments, or follows, are greatly appreciated.

Enjoy the latest entry: Tirdas, 19th Last Seed, 4th Era



18 thoughts on “Would you like a door with that?

  1. Door dilemmas, pickaxe problems, Karita concerns. It seems Dawnstar’s main export is stress. For Zander’s sake, I’m hoping he has mud-free women and cheaper booze in his future.

    1. You have to admit he is taking it all in stride. LOL
      As for his future, I can’t comment directly but lets just say his luck could be changing.

  2. lo zin

    This is such a fun thing to do, the way you’ve been playing. I tried it today and failed immediately: it’s too easy to be a hero! I’ll try again tomorrow and turn down every quest… if I can!

  3. Funny stuff, this makes me want to travel to Dawnstar to hear just how bad Karita is. My favourite line was “As I lay in bed waiting for Karita to finish up her bongo session, my mind wanders to the events of the past few days which have led me here.” The bongo session bit cracks me up, not sure why.

  4. Noxx

    I’m surprised Zander is having such a problem with raw salmon. Fresh salmon sashimi is lovely! Then again maybe that sort of fancy akaviri food doesn’t sit well with good Cyrodillic tastes.

    1. Or it might just be because it is plain old right out the water raw fish. While yes, to some Sashimi is lovely, if prepared properly, there is always the chance of getting sick from raw foods. Unless you are a werewolf then not so much. But in Zanders’ case, raw fish is just nasty. As he would gladly tell you,” Raw? What the hell would you eat raw fish for if you could avoid it? Food should be cooked. By the greatest invention ever, fire!”

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