My ears, they bleed!

Morndas, 18th of Last Seed, 4E

I wake up, well, I get up since sleeping really was not an option, I maybe got an hour or two of real sleep. My cloths are relatively dry now, but I have no drink and no food. Well I have food but I throw up every time I eat something. I think I am still sick from the raw fish I ate the other day.

Good morning Skyrim, how will you try to kill me today?

Lighting a torch I notice that the burning flesh smell has either gone away or I have just gotten used to it. I look over at the corpse and notice a necklace in the ground, it seems engraved. I hold it up to the light and all I can make out is Yisra. Well the locket is kind of girlie to be a mans, so I’m guessing this mage was a she. There is a cloak next to her body, not even damaged, if you don’t count the small holes at the bottom of the cloak and the small singe marks.

I am not a fan of stealing let alone stealing from the deceased but this cloak will help me to live and stay warm. I think Yisra would want it that way, just like that other guy. At least I hope they would want it that way. I guess I will find out if a pair of zombies, one burnt and one frozen come chasing after me.

I put the cloak on and check my bag, maybe the fur cloths will be dry by now. Nope still damp, oh well, the cloths I’m wearing now and the cloak will have to do for warmth. I look out over towards the tower I saw earlier but it is still so dark to see anything. I can barely see two feet in front of me, even with a torch. I am so tired but there is no way in the world I will be able to sleep here, I already tried that and failed. I only hope that by this time tomorrow I will be safe in a warm bed.

No sense in delaying any longer, I need to find some sort of civilization or die. Those are my only two options right now. I start walking, I only make it a few feet when I feel the wind coming down the giant hill. It hit me dead in the face like a frozen snowball. I don’t think I can make it up this hill, I could walk along the shore and hope for the best but that means I will be close to the water, and that in itself is frightening.

After a few moments of careful consideration I decide to take the shore line route. At this point in time I am too weak and tired to make it past a blizzard, up hill, the shore line seems to be the safer way to go, at least I hope it is.

I walk for about an hour, seems pretty easy, I think I was right in choosing this direction….Nope I was wrong, I almost walk into a sleeping bear. A Bear! Really Skyrim, you couldn’t just let me walk along the coast? No! You have to throw a Bear in my path. I manage to back away from the bear slowly. I get a safe distance and my torch goes out…so now I am 50 feet or so away from a bear, whom I just woke up, and I can barely see in front of my face. This day is off to a stellar start.

I can go back and lose the hour I just spent getting here or try to sneak past the sleeping giant of a bear. I look behind me and I do not think I have the energy. Forward is always better than backwards, or so I was always told growing up. Well here is to hoping the bear is a heavy sleeper.

No such luck. I spent the better part of another hour doing the sneaking shuffle, taking one step forward and two steps back every time the bear woke up. At this rate I will be going backwards! There is only one other thing I can do…..swim…I hate you Skyrim….I hate you so very much.

I take my cloak off and put it in my bag, hoping that it somehow will magically stay dry since I now have to get back in the freezing water. Stupid Bear!

It takes me about 30 minuets to swim around the bear giving it a large enough birth as to not disturb it, you know that bear is damn lucky I don’t know how to hunt, but this makes me want to learn!

I drip dry for a few and put my cloak back on to try to warm up a bit before continuing to head along the beach to my destination, where ever the heck that is. On the brighter side of things I think the sun should be coming out soon, that should help me warm up some more, too bad it won’t help with me being thirsty, hungry and tired.

I continue to walk along the coast glancing over to the other shoreline, the one I walked yesterday. Had I only known then what I know now I would have just swam here yesterday, it isn’t that far really. Live and learn…live and….what’s this? A shelter? oh thank the nine divines!

A tent in a blizzard, the gods either love me or mock me, I haven’t decided which.

I make my way over to the hide tent, and look for someone to talk to. No one is here? Odd. I look inside the tent and as if to say, well done Zander, there it is…wine, ale, food, shelter not one but two bed rolls and…and…boots? Well mine are wet still a nice dry pair would be nice. *sigh* I can’t stay here, this is someone’s home, or at the very least someone’s hunting spot. I am just so hungry and tired and dehydrated….maybe if I left them some money? I don’t particularly have much but I can leave behind what would be fair for drink food and a few hours of rest. Yes that’s the plan I will eat drink and rest for a few hours and when I get up if the owner has not returned I will leave them some coin, that’s a fair deal…oh and coin for the new boots too. I just hope if they do come back they don’t kill me before I can explain.

I eat and drink and pass out in the bed roll. I wake up some time later, by the suns position in the sky I guess it is almost 1pm. 6 hours not too bad I didn’t want to spend the whole day sleeping I am glad that horrible noise woke me up. The owners of this lovely oasis have not returned, I leave 10 gold and a wolf pelt, that should cover the food, drink, and shoes right? I hope so cause I only have 17 gold left to my name. I better not waste any more day light, I should check my bag but the fur is probably still wet. It doesn’t matter I am relatively warm and my cloths and cloak are only slightly damp I should be ok.

I step out of the tent and see a flockgagglemurder…bunch of Horkers. Well now I know what woke me up so, Thank you Horkers!

I continue to walk along the coast I give the majestic Horker their space and walk behind them, they all seem to be looking at something in the ocean, knowing Skyrim another ship just sank.

Hey guys what we look’n at?

I continue to walk. I am still very thirsty and very hungry, but I’m not as cold or as tired as I was. As I am walking I notice something in the giant rock, it looks like a giant black door, with a skull on it, yeah that’s not ominous or anything. I am just gonna avoid that like the plague.

I walk a little bit more and notice something off in the distance. It’s a house! Oh my, oh my, I see a house. Salvation is at hand. I continue on and I see a boat and a house and a whole town! YES I have done it. I am safe, and alive!

Salvation!….I’m surprised their ship hasn’t sunk.

It is the most beautiful city I have ever seen, granted a run down sewer town would look amazing to me right now, but I digress. I make my way through the snow and a guard approaches me. He tells me something about the town being unable to have peaceful sleep. What? you have to be kidding me? you mean I can’t rest here? He continues to say I should be ok since it is only affecting the townsfolk. Well that’s a relief. I do have to wonder, why tell me? I mean it’s not like it is going to affect me or anything. Seems relatively pointless to mention. Then again I suppose it could be a good tourist attraction. Come one come all, come see the village of the restless, limited engagement only, or something like that. Very clever whoever is running this place, very clever in deed….ok not really.

Before I could ask the guard anything he walks away. Well that’s just rude, walk up to a guy make a random pointless comment and walk off. I guess no one taught him manners. I walk around a bit more and run into another guard, this time I ask where I can find a warm place to stay. He ignores me. Again rude! What is wrong with this town…oh right everyone is delirious from sleep deprivation, I can relate. Well I suppose I will just wander around town until I find a sign or a road marker or something.

I go further in town and come upon a couple arguing. Looks like the Blacksmith and his wife, I go introduce myself, and before I can say hello Rustlief tells me the town is having nightmares. Seems whoever is in charge is really trying to sell the whole village of the restless angle. He seems nice enough though, maybe I can sell some of the extra stuff to him.

I nearly choke on my tongue when I see his prices. It takes me a moment to breathe, if this is the price trend in Skyrim I am screwed. I want to haggle with him but he wasn’t having it at all. {There is one two things in Skyrim I wish they would have implemented from Oblivion, the Haggle feature and the ability to raise or lower how much someone likes you.} I sell him my mace, for three gold, I feel I got the short end of the stick there. I bid him fair well, I dare not ask him where the inn is least he want my soul in exchange.

Don’t be fooled, he may look like a rube but he is a shrewd businessman!

I talk to his lovely wife Seren, we chat about her home land and how cold it is here, trust me sister I understand. I take a look at her wares as well, crap it seems they share the shop and the mace I sold for 3 gold they are asking for a couple hundred, nice mark up! No wonder Skyrim is in the crapper.

I politely ask her directions to the inn and she tells me there is only one Inn in Dawnstar, it’s called the Windpeak Inn, fitting, and gives me directions. Dawnstar, nice to have a name to go with my safe haven.

I make my way up to where the Inn is, along the way I hear the villagers talking about wanting Mara to save them from their nightmares. I think Mara has better things to do than put rainbows and sweet rolls into your dreams, but I could be wrong. I walk into the Inn and I’m greeted by singing, my ears hurt a bit from the warmth hitting them after so long in the cold, well that and the singing is kind of…well its not good.

The young bard stops singing, thank the nine, and starts playing her flute, its nice kind of soothing, I look around but the place looks empty. As I make my way up to the counter, the bard starts singing, it’s the same song, I guess that’s all she can sing and I use that term loosely.

I stand at the counter and the inn keeper apologizes, apparently his mind was elsewhere, mine would be too if I had to listen to that bard all day long. He says his name is Thoring and he runs the Inn. If I ran this place my first order of business would be to find a better bard. I ask him about a room, he tells me the price is thirty-five gold a night. I try to shake out the snow that must have built up in my ears. I’m sorry I must have heard you wrong. How much for a room? He again says that rooms are thirty-five gold a night. Beg pardon? I look around at the place. No it doesn’t seem to be made of finely aged oak with gold trim. Are you sure you mean thirty-five gold and not ten? He once again tells me it is thirty-five gold a night.

Well it seems I won’t be sleeping here tonight after all. I sit down at the bar in complete shock. Ok, food what about food? Do you serve food? He says, with a smile on his face, that he has food for the hungry and drink for the thirsty. Great let me see what you have. I nearly fall off of my stool. His prices are just as high as the blacksmith, and he is just as unwilling to barter.

Can you believe these prices? See, he agrees. At least I think he does, he didn’t answer so that’s agreeing with me, well he didn’t not agree with me.

Well this is super fantastic. How’s a fella supposed to live in this darn country? It’s a good thing I picked some snowberries, I can snack on those while I figure out what to do. Since I can’t afford a room, or food I tell Thoring to fill up my empty bottles with some water, he charges five gold, I guess that’s fair, it is about the only fair price I have seen.

I don’t know what I am going to do. I only have twelve gold, I can’t afford food, or a room. The only skills I have are what I learned in the Arena, but I am in no shape for sell sword work and I really do not want to, well die. I rather enjoy living. No I need to find some safe profitable work, but where? Who would hire me? I need more time to think. I wonder if Thoring would mind if I sat in here for a little while longer.

I walk over to the bard, she seems nice, can’t sing to save her life but, nice none the less. She tells me her name is Karita, and that she envies me because the dreams don’t affect travelers. Well at least one thing has gone my way since coming here. I ask her where she learned to be a bard. She told me how her mother went to bard college and then taught her. So bard college, is that like Jester School? Can anyone go? Sure enough she then tells me that the college in Solitude accepts all kinds of members.

Wow so talent be damned anyone can become a bard, great I guess I can look forward to more horrible singing in other places, if I can ever manage to afford to travel. I might just be stuck in this village. Wow, I think a little piece of my soul just died having thought about being stuck here for the rest of my life. Well if that’s the case Karita is kind of cute, I suppose I could grow to enjoy her singing. Who knows, maybe she likes homeless, penniless, unemployed men….probably not.

I walk to the bench as Karita begins to sing again, Dragonborn again. To tune her out I continue to think about my particular predicament. HA, see what I did there? I crack myself up, which is good because I have no ideas on what to do at all. The sun has probably set already, I need to find a place to sleep, but I sure as heck do not want to leave this toasty warm Inn.

I resign myself to leave and as I do I trip over a book, “Skyrim Survival Guide”, let’s have a look what can it tell me that I haven’t learned on my own already. How to make a tent! Huzah! It gives easy instructions and everything. It may not be cozy or warm but at least it will be dry…sort of. I continue reading, crap crap crappity crap crap, I have none of the things required to make a tent, well there goes that idea. Gah, I’m gonna go for a walk, I need to clear my head.

I take a few steps outside and realize the temperature had dropped significantly. There is no way I will be able to stay out here for very long. I walk a bit down the road and see some old people arguing. I don’t stop and I really don’t pay them much mind. I over hear something about treason and treachery but I really don’t care because I don’t even have a place to sleep tonight.

Not far from the bickering old people I see some people gathered around what looks to be a smelter. I make my way to the smelter, maybe one of the people there can help. As I get to the smelter everyone leaves. I can’t smell that bad…can I? I warm up at the smelter a little and I realize there is a mine. Where there is a mine there are miners, where there are miners there is a foreman. I might have found a job I can do. I smile and walk back to the Inn, I now have a plan. I will become a miner.

It must be happy hour, I see everyone rushing past me to the Inn. I notice it’s getting colder and the wind is picking up, I better hurry too. Walking into the bar the place is lively and I would say happy but all anyone seems to be talking about is their nightmares.

Karita starts to sing, joy doesn’t the town have enough problems, you know cause of the nightmares? Hey its something new Ragnar the Red, she sings this one pretty good too, I guess she ought to, she said it was her favorite and the first song she learned. After listening to the lyrics I can’t help but wonder if maybe it is this song that is giving people nightmares, or maybe just Karitas singing.

I sit down at a table, Thoring must set out food for all the town, unfortunately I haven’t the coin for any of it so I just watch people eating, that will fill me up right? Not so much no. It is going to be a long night, I haven’t a bed and the snowberries just aren’t filling at all. I wonder if Thoring will let me use his fire to cook my salmon. He won’t, I guess they have sanitation rules.

I ask him if he has anything cheap he shows me two floppy carrots and a honey nut treat. Well I can afford either the carrots or the treat, and by god I deserve a treat, even if it will cost me most of my remaining gold. It’s ok, tomorrow I search for a job as a miner. I drink my last ale and eat my treat. I look around and figure it to be relatively late, no way in hell im going outside to see the position of the moon, Momma didn’t raise no fool, it’s cold as a witches tit out there.

I think I see a small storage area, if I can slip back there I can try to sleep, well rest in any case, without owing Thoring money I don’t have. At this point I am almost ready to steal something from him just to get thrown in jail, at least in jail I’ll be warm fed and have a bed roll.

Closet…Jail…Closet….Jail….this is a tough decision.

I slip into the little supply closet, not much here just a broom and some barrels. Here is better than outside in the freezing cold, I couldn’t survive another night out in the cold.

I miss the arena, this trip to skyrim to start a new life very well could be the end of me, and I thought I was living dangerously as an arena combatant.

Good nite Dawnstar, my not so safe haven…

{Again I want to thank everyone who has read the blog so far. There is more to come so please keep reading. Don’t forget to like, follow, leave a comment or all three. I will always try to respond in a timely fashion.}


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I am married to a wonderful woman. I enjoy video games and have been playing MMO and RPG based games for over 14 years. I enjoy writing and drawing, never considered myself good at it either. Dispite having a degree in graphic design I have never used it.
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14 Responses to My ears, they bleed!

  1. Lori Fontan says:

    Awh! Poor Zander!!! =( I think at this point I would have chosen to go to jail.. I wouldn’t starve and sleep in a closet.

  2. kitdoctor says:

    Yeah, Rustleif is a total bastard, and surviving Dawnstar has become somewhat of a rite of passage for us “strollers.” I have a feeling Zander’s luck will change whenever he is able to hit the ol’ snowy trail away from Dawnstar.

    • Pyrelle says:

      Yeah, I never realized through my first char what a sink hole Dawnstar really was. As for hitting the snowy trail, soon very soon….I hope…

  3. “I guess they have sanitation rules.”
    I laughed out loud and choked on a mouthful of ice-cream.

  4. 201bones says:

    The mining job will be good for zander,just stay away from caves….

  5. Erica says:

    A gaggle of horkers… a murder of horkers… a horde of horkers… nah, it’s just a bunch. That made me giggle.

  6. adantur says:

    I feel sorry for Zander already, he has it much harder than my character, well apart from not nearly being executed. Nice to see that you’re sticking to the rules in a hardcore fashion, not many gamers would sleep in a closet for the sake of realism.

  7. This is kind of starting to feel like “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” Poor guy.

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