About The Misadventures of Zander

Hello and welcome to “The Misadventures of Zander”. I would like to say, this will be my first time writing a blog of this kind.

This blog was inspired by the author of “Living in Oblivion” and “The Elder Strolls“, Christopher Livingston. He had a concept that piqued the interest of many, could he survive playing, “The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion“, as a normal everyday NPC. He later went on to try the experiment in “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim“. Both blogs were successful, not for the experiment mind you, but because of the way he wrote them. He took the readers on an adventure or rather non-adventure, using his wit and humor to write the stories of his character.

That is what I will attempt to do in this blog as well. I want to take the readers of this blog on a fun misadventure, filled with drama, action, humor, maybe even romance. Is it possible to survive in Skyrim, when you live as an NPC and not as the savior of the world? Will the women, and in some cases men of Skyrim still love you if you are nothing more than an average guy, or will the harsh environment and deadly wildlife of Skyrim eat your soul and spit out your bones?

Lets find out shall we?

I would also like to say I welcome any and all comments, questions, suggestions, and criticisms(as long as they are constructive), I will always try to reply in a timely manner.


60 Responses to About The Misadventures of Zander

  1. Pyrelle! HALP! My brain isn’t making words for my chapter. HAPL!

    • Pyrelle says:

      Welcome to my world, but what are you stuck on? is it smutty? is it a fight scene? dialog? I need a hint before i can try and help? hehe

  2. It picks up after Elspeth gets poisoned and an Altmer woman comes out of the house and recognizes her as her father’s daughter.

    So, no smut. It is going to be a dialogue-heavy chapter, I think. I have a bunch written and I know exactly what I need to accomplish but I feel like I can’t bring it all together.

    • Pyrelle says:

      Well hmmm. I would say have a giant spider attack but i dont think that would work for your particular form of writters block. I guess my next question is how do you want to bring it together? Sometimes I have to work backwards. For example in the Story I am writting ,non-skyrim related, I had the idea of the hero being in jail and from their i worked backwards to figure out how the hell he got there.

      • That’s actually not a bad idea. Except that I’ll have to skip over the very ending just now because that’s causing me stress. I think I am going to take this to pen and paper for a while. All the shiny pictures on the internet are distracting.

        Thank you!

      • Pyrelle says:

        Anytime, I may not have any good ideas for myself atm but I always seem to have ideas for others to use. If it gets bad enough you can always email me.

      • I may take you up on that in the future. Have a great night!

      • Pyrelle says:

        You too and just remember when all else fails have a monster suddenly attack! hehe

  3. HALP! I’m finished the last chapter. Tell me again why I should post it. It’s giving me major insecure panic feels.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PYRELLE!!! I’m baking a cake. You’ll have to come to Ohio to have some.


  6. I have a question for you (I love how this page has become an Elspeth/Pyrelle discussion board). Do you remember how you first found my blog? It’s fine if you don’t. Most of my readers come through Erica and I wasn’t sure how you found me.

    • Pyrelle says:

      I found it through my reader page. It was located under one of the topics I use to find new stuff to read about. =) I always do things backwards cause I started reading Erica because of your blog instead of the other way around lol. Why?

  7. If I don’t get my new chapter up by tomorrow, you should yell at me. It’s not quite done yet and it needs a lot of work but there is no reason I can’t get it all done tonight.

  8. So, I thought you’d appreciate this. It’s Thanksgiving and we’re watching the Detroit game and my 3.5 year old just asked where the Black Lion is.

  9. Jake Elliot says:

    Hi Zander,

    I was recently invited to speak about game blogging. I dropped your name and hope you get more traffic as a result.

  10. adantur says:

    ““I’ve been without a hunting partner for what seems like an age, poor Denegor,
    he never saw that Horker coming…” I can’t wait to hear this story!” Look what I found in Skyrim yesterday.
    Gotta watch those horkers!

  11. exia021 says:

    Oh man, I stumbled across your blog while trying to do some research on any ways to improve my Skyrim Adventure blog I recently started a couple days ago and I just want to say wow! I’m not caught up yet but I’m loving every bit of what I’m reading! Good job man! Also if you have time, and you’re feeling generous, I would love some feedback about my works. (Note I’m not the greatest writer, I use to love writing when I was younger but never stuck to it sadly, trying to develop/redevelop some writing skills now and this was a fun way to do it!) It’s at forgottenjournals.wordpress.com

    • Pyrelle says:

      Glad you are enjoying my blog so far, I am hoping to continue the misadventures now that my game is stable again and I can get Zander to the last place I left him. I will definitely check out your blog, probably some time later this afternoon when I get back home. I am always on the look out for something good to read, speaking of which you might want to look at some of the links I have on my page, there are plenty of great writers doing different things pertaining to Skyrim.

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    P.S. Good luck to you too as well, in your endeavors 🙂

  13. Springinkerl says:

    Hey, good to see you’re still here 🙂

  14. xander glenn says:

    halp moi zandrer I am stouk on levl 1 off suopr mari macher. I no thah uo lave mii. Als i ma xandir Glann two. I noot god ath engli bout i kow tht you loove moiie and willie play meggiaman wiht mei. giv me yur possy.
    love xanderir

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