The Misadventures of Zander

Hello, and welcome to “The Misadventures of Zander”.

This blog was originally the journey of Zander. A man who was not the savior of the world, just some guy trying to live in Skyrim. I wanted to take the readers on a fun misadventure, filled with drama, action, humor, maybe even romance. Was it possible to survive in Skyrim, when you live as an NPC and not as the savior of the world? Did the women, and in some cases, men of Skyrim still love you if you were nothing more than an average guy, or will the harsh environment and deadly wildlife of Skyrim eat your soul and spit out your bones?

Zanders time as a semi-NPC has since come to an end, but you can still read all about his days in Skyrim here in “Zander’s Journal”

I started a new project. I am trying my hand at writing a Skyrim Fan-Fiction, “After the Fall”, begins after Zander’s Journal, and is my first attempt to publically write a fan-fiction.

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